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Eumseong, Mungyeong, Sejong
Posted by: Global Vision Christian School
Contact: recruit@gemgem.org

Location: Eumseong, Mungyeong, Sejong


1) Candidate with a passion for education

2) Must possess a bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate preferred

3) Must meet the requirements for E-2 or E-7 visa status (F-2, F-4 and F-6 are also eligible)

* The E-2 visa is the specific visa for individuals coming to Korea as a language teacher

* The E-7 visa is a type of work visa for foreign nationals who come to Korea to work in designated fields.

4) Born again Christian (We are non-denominational)


Recruiting Position

1) Eumseong :

– English (Journalism, Communication, or similar)

– History (Government, US History, Economics)

– Science (General Science)

2) Mungyeong :

– English (Journalism, Communication, or similar)

– Technology (Computer Science, AI-related major)

3) Sejong

– English (Journalism, Communication, or similar)


Working hours :

1) Eumseong : 8:00am~17:00pm

2) Mungyeong : 8:00am~17:00pm

3) Sejong : 8:00am~17:00pm


Screening of documents

1) Teaching Application (GVCS format)

2) Resume

3) Diploma

4) Transcript

***Processing starts after the above documents are submitted



1) Starting from 30 million won (pre-tax)

*Your salary will be determined based on your previous experiences and qualifications

*For any additional responsibilities undertaken, a bonus will be provided

*Retiring pay will be paid as a separate amount



1) Renewal Bonus

2) Vacation: You can take 2~3 week vacation during each semester.

3) Housing provided

4) Lunch provided (Dinner will be provided when there is overtime work)


Application Process

1) Screening of documents

2) Interview (During the interview need to prepare a Demo lecture)

3) Notification of acceptance


Apply Now

1) Call: 070-4422-7303: Young Park

2) Starting Date: After the interview, we might notice starting date

To apply, email recruit@gemgem.org

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