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Country: Taiwan
Full/ Part-Time Job Available: 2024-08-05
When Job is Available:
Degree Required: Bachelor with Tesol preferred but not required
Position available: Whole day – 23 to 25 hours per week
Half day – 10 to 14 hours per week

Why B & G Future Knowledge? 
Our school has been established for over 30 years and has two campuses. It is located in the central region of Taiwan. A well-established school known for its friendly staff and positive work environment. Many of our teachers have chosen to stay for ten years or more, a testament to the school’s supportive culture and professional satisfaction.

Our structured curriculum and teaching materials are tailored specifically for kindergarten, ensuring a consistent and high-quality educational experience for our students.

Our classrooms are equipped with air-conditioning, prioritizing student comfort and conducive learning environments. These elements collectively contribute to our school’s reputation for excellence and its position as a premier educational institution in Taichung City.

What Does B & G Offer? 
– Competitive salaries
– $700NT or above per hour
– Pay Raises
– Attendance Bonus, etc.
– Teachers who work the whole day can expect monthly payments of around
$65000-67000 (depending on the length of the month)for 20 hours of work
($700 p/h))
-3000 – 6000N.T. bonus will be given as a Teacher’s Day bonus.
-3000-6000N.T. (Voucher) bonus will be a Chinese New Year Bonus.
– Merit System (work performance bonus from 2,500 to 20,000 will be given each
– Guaranteed hours for a year
– Provides Work Permit & Health Insurance
– Mandatory Labor Insurance & National Health Insurance
(Applicable to teachers with enough hours suited to apply)
– Registration discounts benefits for children of employees
– A structured curriculum and teaching materials for kindergarten.
– We have an English-speaking Taiwanese co-teacher for assistance in each class.
– Training

Requirements 
– A bachelor’s degree and a TESOL certificate
– Applicants who have professional attitudes and can contribute to our team
– Passport holder from a native English-speaking country
(We welcome teachers from the UK, AU, SA, NZ, IRL, USA & CA!)
– Have years of experience in teaching kindergarten and ESL.
– At least one year of teaching experience in Taiwan
– Proof of 3 Covid-19 vaccine doses
– Criminal record check from your country of citizenship (for new ARC

Visit our website: http://www.b-g.com.tw/
Please email your:
– resume
– a recent photo is a must
– scan of your college degree and certificate(if you have one)
– contact the email below, and we will get in touch with you

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