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Overview Beijing Dublin International College (BDIC) is a partnership between University College Dublin (UCD) and Beijing University of Technology (BJUT). BDIC is seeking to recruit English teachers to teach students on its dual-degree programmes in Engineering & Finance.

Positions in Beijing are available from Fall 2024.

Institution Beijing-Dublin International College, Beijing University of Technology
Job Type Fixed term, Full time
Location Beijing, China


Job Details

1. Regular teaching requirements:

  • a) Classroom teaching: There will be 12 to 16 regular teaching hours per week, focusing on English for Academic Purposes. Teaching will take place on the BJUT campus in Beijing.
  • b) Specific teaching assignments: assigned by the BDIC English Department 2-4 weeks ahead of the start of each semester.
  • c) Office Hours: office hours are required weekly (6-8 classroom hours per-week) to offer tutorials to students across the college.
  • d) Working weeks and working days: English instructors are required to observe the university calendar of each semester and ensure their availability during all working weeks. Monday to Friday are official working days
  • e) It is expected that teaching will take place face-to-face on campus in Beijing. Teachers are expected to cooperate fully with preparation of documentation and be ready to travel and arrive before semester starts.

2. Other activities relevant to regular teaching requirements:

  • a) Course preparation and planning of lessons to meet the learning outcomes indicated in the syllabus. This includes becoming familiar with set texts and recommended reading.
  • b) Conduct regular formative and summative assessments, engage fully with standardisation and moderation processes, mark and give feedback on coursework, test papers, oral tests and submit provisional final grades.
  • c) Attend staff meetings and be open to formative classroom observation and appraisal from the relevant programme coordinator.
  • d) Fulfil non-teaching duties and tasks assigned by BDIC, which may include, but are not necessarily limited to participation in University Open days, recruitment promotion, departmental meetings, mid-term and final exam invigilation, public speeches, grade review, assistance in polishing BDIC English documents and etc.

Job Salary & Benefits

  • 1. Successful candidates will be offered a monthly salary starting from 18,000 RMB before tax. Specific figures will be dependent upon professional and academic qualifications and relevant work experience.
  • 2. Housing: a monthly allowance of 5,700 RMB (before tax) if living off-campus, or a campus apartment of which the rent in the range of 5200-5300 RMB (after tax) will be paid directly to your bank account for taxation, and then automatically deducted as rent payment to the university.
  • 3. An annual travel allowance of 14,000RMB, payable in two installments at the end of each semester, will be offered when in Beijing.
  • 4. Assistance with obtaining a work permit and residence permit.
  • 5. Medical insurance within China.
  • 6. Holidays: Off on all Chinese public holidays. Paid winter and summer vacations for continuing contracted teachers. Paid winter or summer vacation for one-year contract teachers depending on their contract starting date.
  • 7. Performance-related salary increases.
  • 8. A campus experience with canteens, cafes and gyms on-site and etc.


Candidate profile


  • Proficient English speaker
  • Undergraduate degree
  • CELTA, Trinity cert. TESOL (or equivalent English language teaching qualification)
  • Two years of relevant experience
  • Eligible for a Chinese visa


  • DELTA, Trinity Dip. TESOL (or equivalent English language teaching qualification)
  • Post-graduate qualification in TESOL, Applied Linguistics or a related discipline
  • Experience of teaching in further or higher education settings
  • Experience of teaching English for Academic Purposes
  • Experience of working in China or teaching Chinese learners

Desirable personal attributes

  • Ability to work well as part of a team and collaborate with colleagues.
  • Ability to adapt to new cultures, lifestyles and work environments
  • Conscientious and committed to the highest standards of professional service.
  • Cooperative and proactive in dealings with colleagues and academic management
  • Ability to work in an amenable, accommodating and flexible manner
  • Polite and positive in dealings with students and colleagues alike
  • Be friendly towards China, respect Chinese culture and be inclusive to cultural differences


To apply, please send a CV to and For questions about the role, please contact Dr Alex Runchman at

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