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British Hills, an English Village set upon mountains in Fukushima prefecture, is currently seeking enthusiastic and experienced teachers who can commit to a full time position in a challenging but very rewarding environment; sponsorship is available for visa extensions.

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At British Hills we teach a wide variety of topics to a wide range of clients. The lessons include some arts and crafts, calligraphy, cookery, sport, dance and board games and a wide range of English, business and cultural topics. These include grammar, comprehension, pronunciation, speech skills, presentations, emails, discussions, British weddings, drama and a few school subjects such as music, mathematics, science and history. Our clients are mostly elementary to high school pupils but we also teach some pre-elementary learners, college and university students, private adult learners and businesspeople.

Benefits include a monthly salary of 300,000 yen, a contract completion payment, a performance based bonus, and paid holidays. We can also provide teachers with fully self-contained apartments that including basic furnishings (approx. 20,000yen/month + utilities), three meals a day, cars available for private use, free internet access and free use of all on-site facilities.

Applicants must have a valid working visa and a university degree. Preference will be given to teachers with more than two years’ experience teaching English in Japan. Business English and hospitality experience is also an advantage. There are three stages to our employment process:

Saturday, March 30, 2024
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Please send you applications via email to: recruit@british-hills.co.jp

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