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The Wanderlust Culture Homestay Tutoring Program integrates educational travel, Mandarin learning and English tutoring to allow you to experience China with an authentic touch by staying with Chinese host families. By offering 30 hours of live-in English teaching per week, you have an opportunity to explore Chinese culture through weekly Mandarin classes, culture immersion activities held by Wanderlust and your day-to-day colorful life with your host family.

Being an English Tutor with a host family in China is an immense opportunity to grow as a global citizen by experiencing a new culture, pushing your comfort zone, and cultivating the necessary tools to bridge cultural divides now and in the future.

Experience the unknown, confront unforeseen challenges and familiarize yourself with a new culture and way of life.


As you can imagine, each host family’s daily schedule has the potential to be a bit different. Therefore your daily schedule is often determined by the age of the children in the household and based on the individual needs of your host family.

Your responsibilities will be focused on tutoring your host children in English, and helping them practise the language.

If the host family’s children are enrolled in school, then your schedule will be based on providing support before and after the school day. If you’re caring for infants or younger children, then your schedule will likely be more fixed during the middle of the day.

No one day will be the same if you pursue an English Tutor position in China – you will have the chance to teach and care for children while also living in an amazing country with a myriad of opportunities to travel and explore.

For example, your day might include:

– Accompanying your host child(ren) on their ride to school with the family’s driver and reading them stories along the way
– Planning English lessons and tutoring your child(ren) in English (e.g. reading, phonics, vocabulary, etc.)
– Accompanying the family’s driver to pick up the host child(ren) from school and playing vocabulary game on the way home
– Playing games with the host child(ren), singing, dancing, reading stories
– Helping the host child(ren) with English homework
– Joining family activities, and sharing your own culture with the host family


English tutoring is the number one reason most Chinese host families would like to host you in their home. Your main responsibilities are therefore as an English tutor and an “elder sibling”. You will have the opportunity to experience authentic Chinese culture by engaging in the family’s activities as well.

– Deliver 1.5-2.5 hours of planned English lessons on a daily basis to the host children
– Help the children to learn a second foreign language (optional)
– Carry out fun activities with the children to help them learn English (e.g. reading stories, sharing English songs, drama role-play and games)
– Help the children with their English homework and studies
– Help the parents to practice their English (optional)


– Waking up the children
– Taking/picking up children to/from school
– Playing with the children
– Taking the children on outings to park, playgrounds and other activities
– Going shopping and travelling with host family
– Sharing some light house work


Location of host families:
Host families are primarily located in Shanghai, with additional host families in other major cities, including Beijing, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou and Ningbo

Program time span:
3 months-12 months, summer programs also available

You Give:
30 hours of English tutoring and associated childcare per week

You study:
12 hours of Mandarin Classes per month

Salary and benefits


– 1500 RMB/month as pocket money
– Flight stipend up to 12000 RMB
– 1.5 days off each week
– 3-12 days paid leave
– Medical insurance
– Visa application fee & renewal fee reimbursement

Pre-departure Support:
– Screening of host families
– Help scheduling Skype interview with the host family
– Help with visa application
– Help with preparing related paperwork
– Answering any questions before departure

Orientation Upon Arrival
– Airport pick-up
– Welcome package
– Metro map of Shanghai
– Useful contact list
– Useful Mandarin phrases
– Notebook
– Shanghai travel guide brochure

Support During Your Stay:
– Orientation course
– 24/7 emergency helpline
– Insurance booking
– Booking Mandarin classes
– Shanghai city tour
– Monthly cultural activities
– ESL training
– Cultural differences seminar

Cultural activities:
– We have prepared intriguing Chinese cultural activities for you to better understand quintessential Chinese culture, including but not limited to:
Martial Arts, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Tea Ceremonies, and many more!


Wanderlust Exchange has high standards for our English tutor acceptance process, and our process for selecting host families is just as thoughtful and rigorous. We have each host family complete an application process before they are able to match with one of our candidates.

Potential host families search for tutors by the specific qualifications they need for their family. Once a tutor is chosen by a host family for an interview, the tutor can see the host family’s profile, including photos and a letter to the prospective tutor. A match is never complete unless both the tutor and host family agree to the schedule and other details discussed in the interview. ​

Our host families are committed to being more than just an employer to their tutors. Host families become their tutor’s extended family in China and are their most important connection while in country. Many host families form a strong bond with their tutor and establish relationships that often last longer than their time in the program.

Living with a host family will give you a first-hand experience of daily life within an exceptional Chinese family and home, while also creating an opportunity for you to share your country’s culture as well.

Host families:
– Welcome their tutor as a member of the family
– Include their tutor in most family meals, outings and celebrations
– Provide a private room and meals
– At least one family member speaks reasonable English
– Pay monthly pocket money of at least 1500 RMB/month
– Pay for the tutor’s Mandarin classes (3 hours/week)
– Pay for the tutor’s visa application & renewal fee
– Pay for the tutor’s flight stipend
– Pay for the tutor’s medical insurance
– Pay for the tutor’s orientation upon her/his arrival
– Guarantee that their tutor will work no more than 30 hours/week and no more than 7 hours/day
– Are required to give their tutor 1.5 days off /week, and 3 days off as paid holiday if a tutor stays for a 3-month stay, 4 days for 4-month stay and so on
– Guarantee their tutor will not do heavy housework or tasks unrelated to the host family’s children


You are eligible for the program if you:

– are 17-30 years old
– have completed secondary school or above
– are a native speaker or proficient in English
– have no criminal record
– are open to cultural differences
– have experience of teaching English or caring for children

How to apply


1. Please complete our application form here

2. On receipt of your application form, Wanderlust will contact you if you meet the eligibility requirements, and give you the opportunity to schedule a Skype session with a Wanderlust Exchange representative to learn more about the program and ask questions.

3. If accepted into the program, you will be matched with a host family and have an interview with them. Wanderlust Exchange will assist with translation.

4. Wanderlust Exchange will provide you with the necessary documentation (invitation letters) to complete your visa application and will request some documentation from you.

5. You will be responsible for booking air travel and paying for the Chinese visa fee. However, tutors who successfully complete the program will receive a flight stipend and reimbursement for their visa application fee.


Tutors do not pay any program fees to participate in the Program. However, Wanderlust Exchange does require a downpayment of $100 USD to hold your position once you have been accepted into the program and matched with a host family. This is returned to you upon your completion of the program.

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