Elementary and Junior High School ESL Teacher


YFLA is located in Seogwipo city on the breathtaking southern coast of Jeju Island, South Korea. It is one of the most reputable private academies in Jeju, founded in 1989. Since then, it has made significant contributions to its local community through English education. The directors, Han Eun Song and Jin Hee Cho, studied in the United States and lived there for 7 years; thus, they understand the differences between Western culture and Korean culture. Additionally, they empathize with teachers and assist them in being effective both inside and outside of the classroom.


Yale Testimonial

My time at Yale has been a good. Yale gives its foreign teachers a relaxed work environment and freedom to instruct students in the best way they know how. I have found it easy to use my particular strengths without a director constantly looking over my shoulder. The directors trust the teachers and help them out with discipline and any other situations that might arise inside and outside of the classroom. I have been well taken care of in time in Korea working at Yale.”  – Drew

I have been so grateful for my time at Yale Foreign Language Academy; especially since it was my first teaching job. The directors are always behind you so disciplinary issues are never a problem. They create a worry-free environment by always paying you on time. Plus they aren’t always looking over your shoulder telling you how and what to teach. They allow you the freedom to teach how you see fit. It has been a great experience working at Yale.”  – Barton



* Native English Speakers

* Bachelor’s degree or higher

Starting Date:* April 1st, 2024

Teaching Hours: * 26 actual teaching hours per week

Teaching Level: * Elementary and Junior High School


* Monthly Salary: 2.2 ~ 2.4 million KRW (depending on experience & qualifications)

* Medical and Accidental Insurance: 50 % coverage of medical care premium

* National Pension: 50 % coverage of national pension premium

* Round-trip airfare allowance

* Severance pay (equivalent to one month’s salary), paid upon completion of the 12-month contract

* Summer Vacation: 5 or 6 days including the weekends

* Winter Vacation: 5 or 6 days including the weekends

* Free accommodation

* An established, easy-to-use curriculum

* American-educated, family-oriented owners who go above and beyond to help you adjust and make you comfortable


* References

* Resume

* Copy of the Passport Main Page


* Peter Kim (Vice Director of Yale Foreign Language Academy)

* TEL: +82-64-733-9991

* Email: alxckr@gmail.com

* Skype: mintak.kim

* Website: http://jejuyale.com/en

To apply, email alxckr@gmail.com

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