English Language Teaching Assistant Program (Taiwan)

English Language Teaching Assistant (ELTA) program established in 2021 has been funded by the Ministry of Education. The goal of the ELTA program is to recruit part-time quality English teaching assistants to provide a rich and diverse English learning environment for students in Taiwan’s public elementary and junior high schools.

In addition to the existing Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program (TFETP), the ELTA program is established to supplement the Bilingual 2030 Policy as mandated by the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

The ultimate goal of this program is to offer Taiwanese students the opportunities to improve their English language skills and global awareness in an enriched and immersive environment by recruiting foreign ELTAs.

Job Duties

ELTAs are expected to work on an average of 4 hours per week at each school. The exact working hour per week depends on the negotiation between the assigned schools and ELTAs.
Note: As defined by the “Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers”,

During a semester, a standard work week should NOT exceed a total of 20 hours.
During winter or summer breaks, a standard work week, as defined by the labor law, of 40 hours a week or 8 hours per day should be observed in favor of the aforementioned 20-hour work week.

ELTAs will be offered NTD$400 per session (before tax and insurance) when working in the elementary or junior high school. Public transport subsidies will be provided by English Teaching Resources Center or schools, in accordance with the Directions of the Domestic Travel Allowance Disbursement.


Undergraduate or graduate international students who are currently studying in Taiwan (including Overseas Chinese students)
Foreign academics
Returning expats and returning overseas nationals
Language exchange students


Foreign nationals in Taiwan
Returning nationals (e.g. gap year individuals, individuals in language schools)
Working vacation travelers

All applicants must obtain or are going to apply for an ARC and a work permit IN PERSON from authorities in Taiwan. The ELTA program does NOT provide visa or legal residence sponsorship for all applicants.

For more information, please visit https://tfetp.epa.ntnu.edu.tw/en/elta/web/home

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