English Teacher at Nursery – Tokyo and Chiba


  • English: Native level
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • Visa sponsorship available


HOPPA is looking for exciting and fun-loving English teachers to join its expanding teaching team. Our pre-schools are located all around Japan. We are looking for full-time instructors for many of our schools in various locations across Tokyo. You will be teaching English to students from 0 to 5 years of age as well as assisting Japanese staff with daily school duties. Japanese is not required but is definitely a plus. We are especially looking for teachers who love to work well with young children. The younger students may require more personal care, such as help washing hands or changing clothes, etc.

– Must currently reside in Japan.
– Must be fluent in English with good clear pronunciation.
– Possess a Specialist in Humanities, Spousal, Long Term Residence, or Permanent Residence visa types.
– Experience working with and teaching English to children at pre-schools.
(but we will provide training to those who are willing to learn the style of our company!)

If you are looking for a positive work experience, and meet all of the above requirements, please apply to join our team.


The pre-schools are open Monday to Saturday but provide English lessons only from Monday to Friday so English teachers do not have to work on Saturdays unless there is a special event or training.

*Full-time teaching position on a one-year contract, which can be extended each year. However there is the possibility to become a permanent employee after just one year in the company *Depending on performance*
(Permanent contracts are great to obtain if you want to apply for a loan for a house in the future, or want to apply for a permanent residence visa)

Min. Salary: ¥235,000 / Max. Salary: ¥245,000 (Opportunity to receive a raise each year, depending on performance)
Working Shift: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 18:00 or 8:30 to 17:30 (1hr break time included)
Holidays: Saturdays and Sundays and most public holidays, plus 10 paid public holidays will be granted after working for the company for 6 months, each year an additional day will be added.

– BONUS PAYCHECKS TWICE A YEAR (each one being close to the price of one paycheck)
– Travel expenses covered up to ¥30,000/month.
– Health insurance and pension.
– Chance of being offered a permanent contract.
– Job stability due to being a very large company.


Available Locations:


– Tama Plaza
2 min walk from Tamaplaza station

– (Musashi kosugi) Park City
6 minute walk from Musashikosugi station
– Oshima 5chome

– (Setagaya) Setagaya Kyodo
8 minute walk from Kyodo station

– Yagisawa
2 min walk from Seibu Yagisawa station

-(TOKYO-Mitaka) Takanoko/ 
From Musashisakai Station on the JR Chuo / Sobu Line, walk 20 minutes or take a bus (Sakai Minami Circulation) via Nozaki and get off at “Yamanaka”, from there it is just a 3-minute walk.

– Ojima Town (TOKYO)
12 minute walk from Nishi Ojima station or 2 minute walk from Ojima 5 chome bus stop

– (TOKYO) Tanashi
14 minute walk from Tanashi station

– Towa Shinsui
8 minute walk from Kameari station


– Minami Gyotoku
3 min walk from Minamigyotoku station

– (CHIBA-Makuhari) Makuhari-Bay Park
13 minute walk from JR Kaihinmakuhari station

– (CHIBA-Tsudanuma) Tsudanuma The Tower
5 minute walk from Tsudanuma station

– Minami Ono
8 min walk from Ichikawa Ono station

-Makuhari Hongo
2 min walk from Makuhari Hongo station

– Makuhari 5-chome
12 min walk from JR Makuhari station

– Suehiro
6 min walk from Gyotoku station

– Garden view
1 min walk from Chiba station

– Maebara Nishi
13 min walk from Tsudanuma station or 16 mnin walk from Higashi Funabashi station

– Makuhari Bay Town
10 min walk from JR Kaihimmakuhari Station

* Our Group has 95 pre-schools in Japan. We also have similar positions available for each area. Please ask for detail!
Tokyo: 24 schools
Kanagawa: 8 schools
Chiba: 15 schools
Kyoto : 2 schools
Shiga : 18 schools
Osaka: 4 schools
Hyogo: 6 schools
Hiroshima : 10 schools
Aichi: 6 schools

Thank you for reading our ad, we are looking forward to seeing your application.

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