English Teacher, Yamamura Kokusai High School, Saitama

Yamamura Kokusai High School have positions for a full time and a part time teacher starting April. Plan, teach and assess regular English language classes to our high school students. Very unique, challenging and rewarding opportunity for people who really want to teach.

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Full-time (Five days a week) position. Fluent English speaker. Enjoys working with Japanese staff and students. Wants to be involved in all aspects of school life: lessons, meetings, events, school trips, etc. Salary from 3,400,000 a year, rising with experience. Fair employment: all benefits as Japanese employees, including insurance, commuting costs, health checks, pension, etc. Opportunity for permanent employment and teaching licence from Saitama Board of Education. Find more about us at yamamurakokusai.com

Contact details: jobs@yamamurakokusai.com

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We have a vacancy for a full-time teacher. It is an excellent and rare opportunity in Japan to be working head on with high school students, planning classes, and teaching in your own style. This is not an ALT position! It is not an easy job, but you will get lots of support. Two of our permanent teachers have been here for over ten years each.

As well as teaching classes, we are looking for someone who wants to commit themselves to all aspects of school life, including be associated to a year group, with responsibilities related to the all round care of our students, such as assisting with a club, helping with school events and accompanying students on school trips.

Some proficiency at Japanese is a big advantage, though just working here will set you on a steep learning curve. This opportunity could lead to a permanent contract and an extended licence to teach from the Saitama Prefectural Board of Education. You will be leaping very much in the deep end. It’s an ideal opportunity for someone seriously interested in teaching.

The salary is very competitive as fitting a demanding job and increases with experience.

There is also part-time work available, teaching set classes through the year.

We regret that we cannot provide accommodation, so please only applicants with their own means in Japan. Contact us for more information at: jobs@yamamurakokusai.com

Thank you for considering us.

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