English Teacher Yantai Shandong China


  • BA degree or Master degree,and TESOL/TEFL certificate, teaching experiences preferred;
  • No criminal record; Knowledge of Chinese culture preferred;
  • 10 teaching hours a week (45 mins per teaching hour) as basic workload, 2 hours office hours per week, 0-6 additional teaching hours per week(depends on the schedule), no part time job allowed off campus;
  • Chinese government Culture, laws and regulations observed;
  • Major in English/Linguistics/Education preferred.

Benefits and Compensations

• Basic salary RMB 12000-14000 ( before tax) per month (for basic workload);
• Additional payment RMB 100 (before tax) per teaching hour paid after each semester for any additional teaching hours( for additional workload);
• Free furnished apartment with all necessary appliance[accomodation contract shall be signed ] or RMB 2400 accommodation allowance per month;
• RMB 1000 medical allowance per semester;
• RMB 1000 tournament allowance per semester;
• RMB 10,000 international flight tickets allowance per year[RMB 5000 per semester];
• One month’s salary for renewal of the contract;
• Free Health Insurance;
• Free resident card and foreign expert certificate application;
• Winter and summer vacations as well as holidays in China.

Contract Term: Febury 20th- July 20th,2024, and renewal of 11 months,and August 21st to July 20th (11 months).

To apply, email 109218747@qq.com

WeChat: 13853591127

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