English Teaching Position (Sogang University) – Seoul


Looking for English teachers to teach at Sogang University. The teachers’ duties are to improve the speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills for university students with basic to intermediate level English skills. Lesson materials will be provided and instructors are given the liberty to make adjustments as they see fit.

Job Description

  1. Job:  Full time English Teacher / 1 Year
  2. Location: Sogang University Sinchon, Seoul
  3. Starting Date: 2024 / March
  4. Working Hours: M-F 13:00-16:00 (Working hours subject to change)

(June/July) M-F 13:00-17:00

  1. Teaching Hours: 50 min
  2. Students: 20-25 university students per class
  3. Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  4. Payment: ~₩55,000-₩60,000 Won per hour (negotiable based on experience)

General Requirement

  1. Native English speaker from an English-speaking nation
  2. Bachelor’s Degree or higher from an English-speaking nation
  3. Currently in Korea on a valid working visa (E2 or F2, F5, F6) or be eligible to apply for a working visa

Priority Given To Those

  1. Bilingual in English and Korean
  2. Already residing in Korea
  3. With a bachelor’s degree, or higher, in education
  4. With teaching experience in Korea

Required Application Documents

  1. Resume with photo
  2. Letter of Introduction
  3. Copy of visa
  4. Copy of graduation certificate

To apply, email sogangsgp@gmail.com

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