Faculty Position Opening Full-Time Faculty Member Non-Tenure For English Communication Classes At Korea

Job Description:

Position Opening: Full-time Faculty Member (Non-tenure) for “English Communication” Classes at Korea Aerospace University
76 Hanggongdaehang-ro, Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 10540, South Korea
Posted by: Korea Aerospace University
Contact: kauapply@kau.ac.kr

Location : Korea Aerospace University, Goyang-si, South Korea
Job title : Assistant Professor
Start date : March 1st  2024
Application Deadline : 4pm, October 4th, 2023 (Korean time)

Korea Aerospace University (KAU) is seeking qualified faculty members to teach English Communication classes in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Department.

1. Qualifications
Applicants should meet the following six requirements.
a. Must be a native English speaker
b. Must hold at least a bachelor degree
※ Master’s or higher degree in Education or Linguistics (Phonetics & Phonology) preferred.
c. Must hold TESOL or equivalent certificates
※ If not, not qualified to apply
d.F-2 / E-1/ E-2 visa holder preferred
e. Teaching experience at the university level is preferred

2. Duties
Successful applicants will be required to:
a. be available five days per week from Monday through Friday
b. teach twelve class hours per week, averaged over the two semesters of the school year
c. provide student guidance (flexible schedule)

3. Terms of Contract, Compensation & Benefits
a. Annual contract
b. Starting salary: dependent on degree and previous experience
(Base salary begins at 35,000,000 KRW per year)
c. Medical insurance
d. Pension
e. Vacations (approximately four months)

4. Required Documents
a. University Application Form B-1
(Downloadable from KAU Website)
b. Recommendation letters (if available)
c. Copies of each degree (B.A./M.A./Ph.D.)
d. Copies of transcripts of each degree (B.A./M.A./Ph.D.)
e. Copies of passport (information page and relevant visa)
f. Photocopied Foreign Registration Card (if available)
g. Copies of employment history (if available)
h. Copies of TESOL or equivalent certificates

※ Note:
The above required documents (except for the application form) can be scanned and e-mailed as attachment files. However, the original documents should be submitted once all of the screening procedures are completed. They can be returned after the verification process.

5. Application process
The required documents must be submitted by e-mail (kauapply@kau.ac.kr) only.

6. Interviews
a. Applicants who have successfully passed the primary screening will be invited to an interview, the secondary screening.
b.There will be the final interview (president) for the applicants who have passed the secondary screening.
* Applicants who successfully pass each screening process will be informed the details individually.

7. Inquiries
Please direct any questions to kauapply@kau.ac.kr

Office of Academic Affairs,
76 Hanggongdaehang-ro, Deokyang-gu,
Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 10540, South Korea

To apply, email kauapply@kau.ac.kr

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