Full-time English Instructor at a private highsh school in Iruma, Saitama

A private high school in Iruma is looking for a teacher who are willing to teach high school students with passion. Monday to Friday, 8:30-4:50. The nearest station to the school is Iruma-shi Station on Seibu Ikebukuro line.

● We are looking for serious applicants for a high school position. The position is in Iruma, Saitama. It is for the 2024 school year, starting in April.

● Full-time position, 5 days a week, Mon-Fri 8:20-4:50. Work time is tentative as the 2024 school year has not begun. But it will be morning schedule.

● Housing assistance (locating only, no monetary assistance) is available if an applicant so chooses to move to an area near the position’s location.

● One-year renewable contract.

● Applicant must be able to interview in Japan at our headquarters in Asakadai. Our headquarters is located approximately 1 minute from Asakadai Station, on the Tobu Tojo Line.

● There will be at least three days initial training/orientation period before the full-time contract is signed at our headquarters in Asakadai. If possible, we would like to hire in March 2024 for the successful applicants to visit the school and get accustomed to it.

●Minimum Salary: 270,000 yen a month
based on exp., qualifications, performance during training

● Transportation costs are reimbursed for training and to and from the working location.

Teaching duties and responsibilities may include:

1) High school oral communication classes.
2) Study abroad preparation class for senior high school students
3) Assess students via written, oral and verbal assessment
4) Develop the English curriculum
5) Participate in extracurricular clubs/activities
6) Being punctual and professional
7) Being friendly and outgoing with students in and out of class; as well as staff

Desired experience and qualifications

● Preferably 1 year of teaching experience within junior/senior high schools in Japan.

● Solo teaching experience

● Bachelor’s degree or higher (TESOL degree/teaching certification is preferred)

● Must be positive, friendly, outgoing, open minded, and most importantly, flexible and patient.

● Must interact professionally with staff and students, at all times.

●Requirement: English-level Proficiency

● The above information is a public job ad; This job ad is neither an offer nor a contract for a position with FEN Foreign Academy. Please do not call our office and tell us to look at your resume. A successful applicant will be contacted through email and invited to an in-person interview.

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