Full-time English teaching position (Chiba University)

Background of the recruitment and description of the project

We are looking for experienced teachers with English teaching qualifications to teach classes as indicated below. Practical experience in materials development and self-access centres would also be advantageous.

Work content and job description

This full-time position involves the following duties:

1. Responsibility for 20 courses per year in the subjects from the list below.
● required courses for first-year students (Writing, Presentation, Interaction, Discussion)
● required courses for second-year students (English for Specific Fields, Critical Thinking in English)
● General Education elective courses
● Common Graduate Education courses (General Education graduate school courses)

2. Development of teaching materials

3. Other duties related to English education. These include either conducting Individual Lessons (no more than 10 x 90-minute class periods in a single year) at English House (the self-access English Support Centre) or managing a short-term overseas study program.

Teachers are encouraged, but not required, to pursue their own research.

Assigned department

Existing departments

Institute for Excellence in Educational Innovation


Education and Degree Requirements

(1) Practically-assessed English teaching qualification, such as DELTA/DipTEFLA/Trinity TESOL.
(2) Bachelor’s degree. Most, or all, coursework should have been completed in English.
(3) At least two years of experience teaching English at the tertiary level.
(4) At least two peer-reviewed publications.
(5) Master’s degree in TESOL/English language education.
(6) Experience in curriculum and materials development preferred.
(7) English ability sufficient to teach in English (overseas experience preferred).
(8) Japanese ability sufficient to handle university-related administrative matters preferred.
(Nationality will not be considered in the selection process.)

Contact details

  • Chiba University
  • Graduate School of Global and Transdisciplinary Studies (大学院国際学術研究院)
  • Professor Sarah Morikawa
  • smorikawa@faculty.chiba-u.jp

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