Homeroom Teacher for Young Learners

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We are not looking for an ESL teacher. We are looking for a teacher who is interested in pursuing a career in education.

As translation technology makes teaching English more and more irrelevant, we focus more on using English to teach the aspects of education that can never be automated, such as teaching the life skills needed to be a well-mannered and confident member of society (including values, morals, social skills, critical thinking, character building, emotional development, etc.).

Our school’s 20 year history and continued success is largely based on our teachers striving to improve and reach their potential. We expect our teachers to be passionate about educating the next generation, and to be able to expand on the provided curriculum materials by designing lessons to be enriching, exciting, and engaging based on values they think the students need to learn to grow up to be loving citizens of the world.

We pay a monthly salary (NTD 60,000) for seven-hour workdays (M-F), but there are only around three hours of actual class per day. The rest of the time is spent on planning, continued training, as well as mentoring and interacting with the students in their daily life activities.

In addition to the monthly salary, all of our teachers are provided with free furnished accommodation (shared with colleagues), yearly bonus, and a safe and pleasant working environment to do work that you’ll be proud of.

Our school is located in Xizhi District, which has easy access to hiking trails and waterfalls, and only a 20 minute train ride to Taipei Main Station.

If you are passionate about learning and willing to consider education as a career, please send us an email at [email protected] so we can discuss how to guide you to reach your potential.

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