Kang Chiao International School (Linkou campus) –Hiring new Teachers for the Linkou campus (New Taipei City).

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***Elementary School***
Kang Chiao International School is currently looking for new team members to round out the teaching team at the Elementary school in Linkou. We are currently looking for qualified Language Arts (ELA), STEM (science) teacher and PE teachers for the 2024-2025 academic year. If you are interested in a more immediate start, the team is also recruiting a support teacher for the current school year. The package is competitive, and features a number of bonuses and paid holidays. The school runs from Monday to Friday 8:05 to 16:35. Interested candidates holding a passport from a native English speaking country may apply by an application package to [email protected] and [email protected] with the topic “Applying for International Elementary School Language Arts position” Candidates not currently in Taiwan are welcome to apply.
The application package should contain the following documents:
1. Scan of your passport photo page
2. A scan of your highest degree
3. A scan of your teaching certificates (TEFL, CELTA, License etc..)
4. A CV
5. Two references from past employers

***Secondary School***
We are Currently hiring for English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Substitutes for the 2024-2025 School Year.

*Contact the KCISLK Hiring Committee at [email protected]
The secondary school of Kang Chiao International School’s Linkou Campus is now accepting applications for both Full-time and Substitute teaching positions. With a vibrant and diverse team of over 70 full time international teachers, we routinely hire for English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Substitute positions. Among eligible teachers who have remained in Taiwan, retention has been at 93% or above every year.

Our school caters to both Taiwanese and foreign students who can choose between a local curricular track that prepares the student to attend Taiwanese universities and an international curricular track that prepares students for overseas universities. Math, Science, and Social Studies teachers serve only the overseas students, while English teachers serve both the local and international students. Most English classes consist of a mix of both groups depending on the students’ English proficiency levels.

We have worked with care and diligence to create an international department founded on integrity, positivity, and teamwork. We are immensely proud of the international teachers who have worked so hard to lay the foundations of this program, and we invite applicants who will help us continue to build a collaborative and healthy learning environment for our students.

A typical Kang Chiao Full-time Teacher will have subject-specific teaching credentials or a relevant Master’s degree (often both) with an average of 10 years of teaching experience. Less experienced candidates are welcome to apply with a persuasive narrative, and more experienced candidates will be eligible for higher salary offers. Our Full-time teachers are dedicated professionals and our top priority is to hire colleagues who can support our friendly, supportive, and hard-working culture.

As we move into our 6th Academic year, KCISLK is transitioning into a stable and developed school. Our energy is focused not only on transforming our WASC candidacy into full accreditation, but more importantly using this opportunity to strengthen our fundamental values and practices. If you are interested in joining us on this venture and believe you meet our standards, please submit your cover letter and resumé attachments to the KCISLK Hiring Committee at [email protected].

We offer highly competitive salaries at a beautiful new school with excellent facilities. We are happy to provide further details to qualified candidates.

Website: https://web.kcislk.ntpc.edu.tw/en/

*** Pre-school ***
Located in Linkou, we are a well-established and growing school in the community.
We believe to help children be the best version of themselves, teachers need to foster all areas
of development: socio-emotional, motor, aesthetics, cognitive and language skills. Therefore,
we prefer to take a holistic approach to learning through our theme-based curriculum, while
fostering whole-child development. We encourage a creative teaching approach through using
a variety of activities and instructional methods (songs, stories, media, structured games, art,
outdoor activities) to motivate and stimulate children’s abilities.

We have great support staff who help teachers here to grow and cultivate their skills. We also
provide a complete curriculum with modern classrooms. If you are looking for a full-time job
from 8am and 4pm weekdays, please send us your resume by email; we are looking
forward to hearing from you!

Positions Available: Foreign Homeroom Teacher, 2 positions
*Education & Experience: Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree required, with a minimum of one year
working with young learners
*Qualities in the Classroom: Passion for teaching, patience, flexibility and organisation skills;
treating others with enthusiasm and positivity; being kind to children and coworkers.

Salary: Base salary begins at 63,000 dollar with the minimum education and experience
requirements met. A higher education level or amount of experience would increase the base
Benefits: labour health insurance, paid vacations, performance bonuses and year-end
Location: No. 13, Lane 91, Xinglin 1 st Street, Linkou District, New Taipei City

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