Lecturer / Senior Lecturer/ Assistant Professor at the Department of English

About the Department:

The English Department is a part of the Center of Academic Excellence, where the power of language and the beauty of study skills converge to inspire, challenge, and shape the minds of our students. At the heart of academic exploration and creative expression, our department is committed to fostering a deep appreciation for the written word while equipping students with the skills to communicate effectively and think critically.

We cultivate a community of lifelong learners. Within the English Department, we recognize the profound impact of language and academic skills on shaping minds and perspectives. At the heart of our curriculum is the development of strong writing proficiency. Through courses such as Academic and Communication Skills and Creative Thinking and Design, students refine their ability to express ideas persuasively, creatively, and analytically. Our dedicated faculty, composed of accomplished scholars and passionate educators, guides students in honing their written communication skills, preparing them for success in an ever-evolving academic and professional landscape.

The English Department goes beyond the confines of traditional literary studies. We foster creativity and critical thinking skills that extend into all aspects of life. Our courses encourage students to analyze, interpret, and evaluate information thoughtfully, empowering them to navigate complex issues with a discerning eye.

Job Description:

At NewUU, we offer stability and long-term horizon planning with a strong work-life balance. We invite applications from academics at all stages in their careers to pursue their research and educational goals with us. While recent graduates and postdoctoral researchers can pursue their tenure-track careers within our schools with strong contracts and research support, recent emeriti might want to actualize their leadership projects and ideas helping build NewUU’s human resources and institutional capacity.

Our tenure-track and tenured faculty will teach a maximum of three classes per year, in a 2+1 format, or a maximum of 12 hours per week, which might be reduced based on research projects, field service, and administrative load. Uzbekistan has a very attractive flat 12% income tax regime, and NewUU is ready to take care of relocation, accommodation matching, and supplies internationally competitive benefits including full healthcare.

Requirements from candidates:

  • Ph.D. degree from a reputed University in General Education or a closely related field;
  • Teaching and research experience for the Full-time Professor rank, at least 10 years;
  • Associate Professor rank, at least 5 years;
  • Assistant Professor rank, at least 1 year

International track record of research and professional achievements; Excellent record in teaching/overseeing undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. programs.

Your Remuneration, Benefits, and Support:

  1. One round-trip air ticket;
  2. Accommodation;
  3. Visa assistance;
  4. Relocation package;
  5. Standard medical insurance;
  6. Book allowances;
  7. Rеimbursеmеnt of expenses related to the participation in international соnfеrеnсеs.

About New Uzbekistan University:

New Uzbekistan University (NewUU) is Uzbekistan’s first comprehensive research university where research and education are integrated. Located at the heart of greater Central Asia, we are building the nation’s first autonomous institution as the country embarks to conclude its first decade of political and market economy reforms. In a long road ahead of making lasting transformations, the country aims to have its first globally ranked institution among the 1000 best universities in the world by 2030.

NewUU aims to become Central Asia’s premier university through an official partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Jameel Abdul Latif-World Education Lab (J-WEL) and Technical University of Munich (TUM) International. The Honorary President of NewUU is Professor Wolfgang Hermann, TUM’s president emeritus – one of the world’s leaders in higher education management and academic research.

There are four schools and ten departments within the institution:

  • Engineering School with two departments in 2023: Mechanical Engineering, Chemical & Materials Engineering;
  • School of Computing with three departments in 2023: Computer Science, AI, and Cybersecurity;
  • School of Arts, Humanities, Natural & Social Sciences with four departments in 2023: Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Education;
  • School of Management with one department in 2023: Industrial Management
  • Rеimbursеmеnt of expenses related to the participation in international соnfеrеnсеs

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