English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Specialty Teachers

01 Positions职位

(1) Speciality Teachers 专业课教师

Electrical Engineering and Automation or Electrical EngineeringForeign Teacher , 1.


Environmental Engineering Foreign teacher, 1.


Business Administration or Applied Economics Foreignteacher, 1.


Football Coach, 1.足球教练,1名。

(2) Foreign Language Teachers 语言类教师

  • English Foreign Teacher, 2 英语,2名
  • Portuguese Foreign Teacher, 1 葡萄牙语,1名
  • French Foreign Teacher, 1 法语,1名
  • Spanish Foreign Teacher, 1 西班牙语,1名

02 Requirements 要求

(1) PhD in relevant fields for Foreign Experts.外籍专家需是相关领域的博士学历专家。

(2) Speciality teachers requires a doctoral degree. Bachelor degree or above for football coach.


(3)Language foreign teachers must be native speakers; Bachelor degree or above.


(4)Less than 60 years old, with at least 2 years of relevant teaching experience.ESL, TESOL, OR TEFL holders preferred.


03 Employment Period 聘期

The first year is to sign a one-year contract, which will be adjusted based on specific conditions in the later stage.


04 Responsibilities 工作职责

(1) Teaching relevant subject courses according to the teaching plan;


(2) Cooperate with teaching institutions to carry out prescribed teaching and research activities. Assist teaching institutions to carry out curriculum development, teaching training and other professional construction works.


(3) Instruct and encourage students to participate in professional competitions, and obligatorily participate in professional-related extracurricular activities.


(4) Other essential duties as needed.其他必要的职责。

05 Benefits福利待遇

(1) Salary will be paid depend on relevant qualifications and teaching experience. Negotiable salary. 工资待遇视外教学历情况及教学经验而定。工资面议。

(2) Paid Leave带薪休假

National Holiday, Winter and Summer Holiday: basic salary paid leave.


06 Accommodation住宿

Fully furnished Apartment with bed, kitchen, private bathroom with shower, desk, chairs, wardrobe and free Internet access.


07 Location学校地址

The university is located at Anning Distrcit in Lanzhou, the provincial capital of Gansu.


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