Open recruitment for basic ~ business Arabic instructors


Lecturer level : Contract employee / Nontenured / Non-tenure track / Probationary period absent


Lecturer (part-time) : Contract employee / Nontenured / Non-tenure track / Probationary period absent


Teacher : Contract employee / Nontenured / Non-tenure track / Probationary period absent

Job description

  • Background of the recruitment and description of the project

    Kanda Gaigo Career College is recruiting skilled and experienced instructors for on-going, term courses teaching basic to business Arabic.

  • Work content and job description

    Arabic instructor to basic~upper-intermediate business people.

  • Assigned department

    Existing departments

    Education Department

Job type

  • Lecturer level
  • Lecturer (part-time)
  • Teacher

Research field

  • Humanities & Social Sciences – Foreign language education


  • Common to all Job Types

    Hourly wage : 3000 yen ~ 5000 yen

    Payment varies depending on course.

Working hours

  • Common to all Job Types

    Working hours :07:30-21:00

Application requirements


  • Education and Degree Requirements

    Ph.D. / Doctor / Master / Bachelor

    Must have at least a bachelor’s degree related to business or the education field.

  • Work experience

    At least 5 years Arabic teaching experience.

  • Official qualification in specific field, etc.

    Preferred applicants will have a relevant teaching certification, experience working in a corporate setting, experience teaching business Arabic.

  • Description

    Must be proficient using technology (computer, Zoom, email, learning management systems, etc.).
    Must hold a proper working visa in Japan.

Employment Type

  • Common to all Job Types

    Contract employee

    Instructors are under contract per term of classes

Contract period

  • Common to all Job Types

    Nontenured – Non-tenure track

    1 year or per contract

    Probationary period absent

Work location

  • 101-0047 Tokyo 2-13-9 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kanda Foreign Language Headquarters Building 3FCourses vary: at KGCC, on-site, or online


  • Various systems

    Transportation expenses : Available

Application Considerations

Considerations for conducting interviews (e.g., those who live far away, such as overseas)

All demo lessons and interviews will take place on Zoom.

Number of hired

2 person(s)

Application period

2023/10/12~2024/03/31 Postmark deadline

Kanda Gaigo Career College recruits throughout the year.

Application method

Selection / Notification of result

  • Selection

    Please download, fill in, and email the application form, along with a recent CV to

  • Notification of result

    The KGCC Education Department will evaluate each application. Successful applicants will be contacted and invited to an interview. Each instructor is required to bring a copy of their current resume, and photocopies of the visa and identity pages of their passport.

    The instructor will be asked to do a demonstration lesson. The material will be provided beforhand. It will be on common language skills (e.g., business English) and the demonstration lesson should be 20 minutes long. Following the demonstration lesson will be a 10-15 interview.

    After evaluation, if the applicant is successful, the instructor’s information will be input into KGCC’s database. Contract offers from KGCC Education Department depend on a range of factors, including the instructor’s availability, types of courses, etc.

Contact details

Kanda University of International Studies

Corporate Service Division, Kanda Gaigo Career College

Kozo Soda


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