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Background of the recruitment and description of the project

This position will be located at the School of Languages and Communication (SOLAC) within the Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education, which is in charge of promoting strategic educational reforms and strengthening the university’s educational management system. SOLAC is staffed by faculty members who are experts in language education. SOLAC seeks individuals who can be involved in projects such as curriculum development in foreign language education reform, collaboration with upper secondary specialized education, the JV-Campus program, and high school-university and regional cooperation, with the aim of fostering global experts promoted by the Institute for the Promotion of University Education. The applicant must have research and teaching achievements sufficient to promote the advancement of university English education and projects at the Organization for the Promotion of University Education, as well as advanced language skills to conduct classes and research activities in both Japanese and English.

Work content and job description

(1) From AY2025, the successful candidate will be in charge of foreign language courses (English) and other university-wide common courses in general education, as well as specialized undergraduate courses and courses for graduate students. In addition, the successful candidate may be in charge of classes conducted in Japanese or English, depending on their field of expertise. (In AY2024, the successful candidate will only be in charge of university-wide common foreign language courses and specialized undergraduate courses.)
(2) The position also involves development of curriculum and content related to foreign language reform, planning and implementation of educational programs based on STEAM education (cross-curricular learning) and CLIL (content-language-integrated learning) in conjunction with upper secondary specialized education, planning and cooperation in high school-university-regional collaboration projects and the JV-Campus program, support for foreign language training and study abroad.
(3) In addition, the incumbent will be involved in foreign language education projects at the Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education and the School of Languages and Communication, as well as related collaboration with faculties and centers, foreign language education support activities, administrative duties, etc.

Assigned department

Existing departments

The Center for International Communication, Kobe University’s Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education


Lecturer level

  • Annual Salary : 5 million yen ~ 8 million yen

Assistant Professor level

  • Annual Salary : 4 million yen ~ 7 million yen

Education and Degree Requirements

  • Ph.D. / Doctor

Applicants must meet each of the following requirements:
(1) Must be willing and able to actively contribute to the realization of the Center’s mission.
(2) Should be an L1 speaker of English or possess equivalent language proficiency
(3) Must possess a doctoral degree, or will have one by September 30, 2024
(4) Must have educational experience at universities or other institutions of higher education.
(5) Preferably possess international academic achievements (journal articles etc.) in their field of expertise
(6) Be able to conduct research and education on curriculum and content development related to foreign language reform, STEAM education (cross-disciplinary learning) linked with advanced specialized education, and education programs based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).
(7) Should have a very high level of Japanese language proficiency in order to smoothly carry out various tasks within the university, including committee work.

More Information

  • This job has expired!
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