Part-time Native English Teacher (Preschool/Eikaiwa)

Job Requirements

  • Native level of English
  • Japanese is not required.
  • Experience working in an English conversation school or preschool is preferred.
  • Welcome to work 16 to 30 hours per week.
  • Paid vacation granted after six months
  • Possibility of becoming a full-time employee in the future
  • Currently looking for an English teacher who can work in the afternoon between M-F 15:00-20:00.
  • Currently looking for a day-care teacher who can work in the morning from 9:30-15:00.

Job Description

Currently Hiring for 2 Part-Time Positions

1. English Teacher for Elementary -Adults: Teach students English textbook material incorporating games and activities in each lesson. Create interesting and engaging classes with students and improve students’ communicative skills. Schedule: 2-5 days a week (Monday and Tuesday are needed but additional days are flexible) 15:00-20:00 (within these hours).

2. Baby English Time Teacher– Teach a class with Mommy and Baby. Sing songs and do activities in English while building memories and having fun with parents and their children. Schedule: 1-2 days a week 10:00-13:00.

These two positions can be combined if you are interested and available to work in both positions.

2. Preschool Teacher (Experience Required)- Teach daily classes to students. Work on behavior and motor skills in English. Create an environment that is fun and engaging. Make sure that students are safe at all times. Lead class activities and work with the Japanese staff to help the development of the students. This position requires teachers who have experience working in a preschool or daycare facility. (Monday thru Friday 4.5 days a week 9:30-18:30)

Our Mission

We aim to not only teach our students English, but to provide our students with an English environment, and to strive for the best education for each child that will one day venture out into the world.

Native English Speaking Preschool 
We are seeking a highly motivated instructor who is friendly, ambitious, flexible, and team-orientated to join our school. Previous experience at a language school or a preschool is advantageous and will be taken into consideration.

Your days will be based on a schedule and may consist of teaching different lessons. Most of your classes will be prepped, but you will be allocated sometime each week for the preparation of classes. We strive to make all our lessons the best we can whilst having fun doing so.

Our preschool follows a curriculum and is divided into 3 different levels depending on the ability of the students. When teaching preschool we encourage our teachers to use their artistic flare and creativity in their classes. All preschool classes have Japanese support staff assisting the teachers. The group-level classes are textbook based as well as the majority of one on one classes.

Please check our website:

Eikaiwa Teacher

Our Eikaiwa Division has various classes from private one-on-one classes to cafe lessons. It is great for teachers who are great with adapting textbook materials into engaging activities. We have classes for all ages.

Teachers who enjoy working with elementary and higher are welcome!

Please check our website:


Many of our teachers work a combination of Preschool and Eikaiwa classes. It is not required but we are somewhat flexible and can accommodate some schedule adjustments. 


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1 Chome 30-3 Funabashi, Setagaya City, Tokyo, Japan

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