Part-time, non-tenured instructor of TESOL

Background of the recruitment and description of the project

Faculty of International Resource Sciences, Akita University, is recruiting part-time instructors to teach English to first- and second-year undergraduate students.

  • Work content and job description

    The duties for this position include teaching English education subjects: I-EAP (Intensive English for Academic Purposes) and possibly courses in debate and discussion.

  • Assigned department

    Existing departments

    Faculty of International Resource Sciences

Job type

  • OthersPart-time instrutor.

Research field

  • Humanities & Social Sciences – Foreign language education
  • Humanities & Social Sciences – English linguistics


  • Wage per class Amount : 11000 yen ~ 11000 yen5,500 yen per hour
    90-minute class (frame) instruction: 11,000 yen per class

Working hours

  • Working hours :08:50-17:40Overtime and other explanations : Working hours vary depending on the class. Each class consists of 90 minutes. Specific class schedules will be discussed in the interview and will depend upon the applicant’s availability. There are two quarters in a semester. Each quarter consists of 16 classes – most classes meet twice per week. You are responsible for making up cancelled classes.

Application requirements


  • Education and Degree Requirements


    Candidates should possess an MA/MSc (on or before April 1st 2024)

  • Work experience

    The candidates should:
    1. can conduct EFL classes at the university level in English.
    2. have experience in teaching English at the college level is preferred
    4. have a record of publications/conference presentations is preferred

  • Description

    As visas cannot be sponsored for part-time workers, a legal status to work part-time is required (e.g., Japanese citizenship, permanent residency, spousal visa, or another relevant visa)
    The candidates should reside in Akita City or its neighboring area, as all classes are face-to-face.

Employment Type

  • Part-timer

Contract period

  • Nontenured – Non-tenure trackEmployment will be effective for the Spring semester and could possibly extent into the Autumn semester, renewable in following years if the university deems it necessary.) Typically, the contract will not be effective after the year in which the employee reaches the age of 70.

    Probationary period absent

Work location

  • 010-8502 Akita 1-1 Tegatagakuen-Cho


  • Insurance

    Worker’s accident insurance : available

Application Considerations

Number of hired

1 person(s)

Hiring date : 2024/04/01

Starting date : 2024/04/01

Job content supplemental explanation

Employment will be effective for the spring semester and could extend into the autumn semester, renewable in the following years if the university deems it necessary. Typically, the contract will not be effective after the year in which the employee reaches the age of 70

Application period

2024/01/04~2024/01/31 Deadline for receipt

All applications must arrive by 5 p.m., Wednesday, January 31st, 2024.

Application method

  • Application documents (specified forms)

  • Attached documents

    Application Form : Online Submission
    Achievements and Activities : Online Submission

    Other online application forms
    A cover letter briefly introducing yourself and indicating your teaching and research backgrounds.
    2. A CV including the following:
    a) Personal Information: date of birth, email address, current address, and a recent photograph
    b) Work/Teaching Experience: including the list of subjects taught if applicable
    c) Research Achievements: including activities conducted for professional or public organizations such as publications, research papers and presentations in your area of research
    3. Names and contact information for two people who can act as referees
    4. Copy of diploma from highest degree earned

  • Return of application documents

    We will dispose of all application documents responsibly.

Selection / Notification of result

  • Selection

    Applications will be reviewed, and short-listed candidates will be invited for interviews held at Akita University’s campus (all expenses will be assumed by the interviewee). Alternatively, a Zoom interview can be arranged if distance is a concern.

  • Notification of result

    We will contact you after the interview.

Contact details

Akita University

Graduate School of International Resource Sciences


Be sure to put ‘Part-Time Position in TESOL’ in the ‘subject’ field. No telephone or fax inquiries will be accepted.

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