Part-time Teaching Specialist, Kikokushijo Academy, Tokyo/Chiba

Part-time teaching positions with Kikokushijo Academy, a returnee specialist after-school program with ten locations, including Distance Learning, around the greater Tokyo area.
We’re looking for instructors who can teach high-level Language Arts during weekend hours in an all-English environment.

The Role:

Teaching Specialists guide students through our original English Language Arts curriculum. These materials are designed for English speakers and include sources such as short stories, novel excerpts, news articles, poetry, media, etc. Through working with the same students for several years, teachers are rewarded by seeing students overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

We place great importance on training and ongoing professional development. Our training programs aim to help new teachers embody our educational philosophies, learn about our in-house curriculum, and become familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities of teaching returnee students.

Applicants must have a strong desire to teach. The strongest candidates also have an interest in education, literature, and personal growth.

There are no minimum requirements for years of teaching experience, but we do favor applicants who have classroom experience, particularly with teaching kindergarten, elementary school students, and advanced test prep.

Of course, applicants must have strong interpersonal skills and be willing to learn and grow in a multicultural, multigenerational environment.

We strongly prefer applicants who are willing to make multi-year commitments. We find this allows students to become familiar with their teachers and for teachers to grow with us as educators.

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More details:

Part-time: Flexible hours / days

Remuneration: Salaried position + Benefits (Bonus / PTO)
(Roughly 3500 yen per teaching hour)

Please apply through our application form here:

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