Secure Position at Andong English Village Offered by City Government

Andong, Gyeongbuk, Korea.
Posted by: Andong Enlgish Village(Continuing Education Center), Andong Univiersity

Full Time Position: Andong, Korea

Secure Position at Andong English Village Offered by City Government

Imagine working in an authentic English Village and living in the heart of Korea. If you’re interested in working in a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding environment, look no further than the Andong English Village (AEV). Our Village is not a private hagwon, but a semi-public school subsidized by the Andong City Government and operated by the Andong National University Continuing Education Center (ANUCEC).

Andong English Village (AEV) is an English language program which is sponsored by the City of Andong. Modeled after an English-speaking town, AEV provides situational based learning to primary and secondary students from the public schools in Andong and from nearby regional areas. The school is unique in that it offers several different venues in which Korean students can practice speaking English in a real environment, instead of using the outmoded method of rote memorization and exams. We are currently looking for teachers who can join our outstanding team.

Andong is located 1 hour north of Daegu, 2 hours east of Daejeon, and 2 hours southeast of Seoul. Unlike Seoul, Andong retains and promotes a great deal of Korean culture. There are museums, culture centers, temples, and other attractions including Hahoe Folk Viallge that allow foreign visitors to immerse themselves in ‘the land of the morning calm.’ Also, it annually hosts the internationally famous ‘Andong Mask Dance Festival’ which is praised as ‘the best festival in Korea’

Our facility lies inside the Andong National University campus, which makes it convenient to stop by the university fitness center (complete with swimming pool) or one of the many restaurants during your free time. We are not an ‘English amusement park.’ Every week, we provide about 80 students (roughly 14 per/class) weekly an ‘English only’ environment equipped with 22 situational classrooms, a mini basketball court and a mini-field for sports activities. We place a strong emphasis on a real academic learning experience. We have a very supportive staff that is committed to making your stay in Korea the best possible.

Qualified, cheerful and interactive teachers who can work as part of a team are always enthusiastically welcomed. We look forward to your interest in working with us and enjoying our EXCELLENT working facilities. Thank you.

Applicants available for an in-person interview are preferred.

1) Job Description

a. Position title: Full-time Native English Instructor (22 hours per week)

b. Classes are held only 4 days a week

c. Contract period: 1st March 2024 ~ 28th February 2025

d. Teaching English through various activities

e. Developing lesson plans and teaching materials

f. Planning and participating in meetings, seminars, and festivals run by AEV and/or the City of Andong, etc.

2) Qualifications

a. English native speaker with a B.A.(minimum)

b. Valid passport from one of the following native English speaking countries; USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and South Africa

c. Good with children, active, friendly, and outgoing personality

d. No problem with health condition

e. Those who are in Korea and have teaching experience are much preferred

3) Benefits

a. Classes are held only 4 days a week

b. Severance pay upon completion of 1 year contract

c. Subsidized health insurance

d. Foreign faculty building

e. Free university bus to and from school

f. Shared office with Internet-connected computer for each teacher

g. Many cultural and historical sites in and around Andong

4) Vacation and holidays

a. Total of 7 weeks paid vacation

b. Teachers will be given Korean National Holiday off

5) Working Conditions

a. Duties: 22 hours of lectures per week (4 days a week)

b. Office hours: 2 hours per day (4 days a week)

c. Workshop: 2 hours of program feedback and development workshop per week (Teacher’s meeting)

d. Salary: 2.6 million per month

6) How to apply

a. Use the below link and download the application form.


* If you have a problem downloading the file, please download via “INTERNET EXPLORER”. if you still have the problem, email me please.

b. Read thoroughly and fill in the application form.

* Only the application form given from our link will be considered.

c. Gather all of the documents that you must send according to the Application form you downloaded.

d. Name all of the files properly and send it all together.

7) Deadline: All documents must be arrived before January, 31st, 2024.

8) Interviews

Interviews will be held after January, 15th, 2024. (You will be informed as to the date and time of the interview by email.)

9) Contact Information

Continuing Education Center(Andong English Village), Andong University

Contact staff : Rachel(Se-hwa) Choi

Tel : +82-54-820-7300 Fax : +82-54-820-7308

E-mail:, Kakaotalk ID: ruledes11

Address: Continuing Education Center(Andong English Village) Andong National University, 1375 Gyeongdongro(Songcheon-dong), Andong, Gyeongbuk-do, 36729

Republic of Korea

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