High School English Teaching Position

Shinjin Science Technology Academy (a prestigious private high school) is currently looking for an English teaching instructor. We want a sincere and experienced native speaker. If you are interested, please send these documents to us.

  1. DOB 
  2. Nationality
  3. Marital Status
  4. A copy of your recent picture 
  5. A copy of your alien card
  6. A copy of your passport
  7. A copy of your diploma
  8. A copy of your TESOL/TEFL certificates
  9. A copy of your teaching history

And Further job descriptions are as follows.

 Preferred Qualifications

  1. TESOL/ TEFL certificate, and ESL/ EFL teaching experience
  2. An enthusiastic and good cross-cultural personality preferred.

* Applicants should reside in Korea in the present time.

 Contacts

*Email: ssofia1001@nate.com

*Cell Phone: 010-5544-9831

*Phone: 02-385-3451(216)

 Address

*Shinjin Science Technology Academy

Eunpyeong ro 6gil 16, Eunpyeong gu,

Seoul, Korea.

Postcode: 122-010

*Subway: Line 6, Eungam station, exit #4, about 5min on foot.

© Conditions & Benefits

 Employment

Initial Employment date starts: Mar, 1st 2024 ~  FEB 28th,  2025(Renewable)

  1. Monthly Pay: 2.5 million won
  2. Class Ours: approx. 20hrs/week
  3. Work Days: Monday to Friday(8:20 a.m to 4:30 p.m)
  4. Work Place: Eunpyeong ro 6gil 16, Eunpyeong- gu, Seoul, Korea
  5. Holidays: approx. 5weeks of paid vacation will be given: 2weeks during summer vacation and 3weeks during winter.

 Transportation

*Airfare(economy class) will be paid from your location to Seoul upon your acceptance to our school.

*Contract Completion Bonus: Paid flight home

 Accommodation

*School offers private spacious housing close to our school.

 Others

School will pay 50% of Medical insurance.

School will pay 50% of the compulsory payment to the national pension fund.

Part of everyday luncheon expenses will be met.

 Application Deadline: 12th of Jan, 2024

To apply, email ssofia1001@nate.com

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