Lecturer (Hindi Language Teacher)

Position: Lecturer (Hindi Language Teacher)
School: School of Asian and African studies.
Job rank: Lecturer
Position Summary:

  1. Teaching 6 to 10 hours of class(1 hour of class = 45 minutes) per week at least for one year
    2.Giving lectures on Hindi language, literature and Indian culture to students and teachers.
    3.Conducting and supervising students’ projects
    4.Compiling teaching materials.
    Qualifications: Native Hindi speaker; At least with Master degree in related majors, such as Human science, culture; at least two years teaching experience; Passionate about teaching Hindi language and promoting Hindi and Indian culture.
    On board date:  February 2025
    Period: Long term.
    Time status: Full-time
    Contact person: Ms. Zhang Yutong(zyt060989@163.com)

Applicants should submit resume including contact information via email to the contact person related.

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