Teachers Needed At Private University Zhengzhou Henan

Job Description:

Zhengzhou Business University is a private University located in Gongyi, Zhengzhou. The University is located in Henan Province, the heart of China, which has good access to famous historical sites including the Shaolin Temple, Yellow River, and the birthplace of Tai chi. High speed train access is available to Beijing, Xi’an, or other cities. The University has around 30,000 students and delivers a range of degree programs related to English, Tourism, International Trade, Computing Science and the Financial Service industry.

Job Description
1. Work with students aged 18 to 20.

2. No more than 18 hours per week.
3. 5 working days per week (Monday to Friday).
4. Class size: on average 20 students

Salary and Benefits:
1. Monthly salary of 10,000 RMB to 15,000RMB (depending on qualifications and experience).*
2. A ‘travel allowance’ of 2000RMB, paid during the ‘Spring Festival’ period.
3. One round trip air ticket up to the value of 15,000RMB per contract period
4. Up to Four-Six weeks paid holiday during the ‘Spring Festival’ in January and February.

5. Teachers will be entitled to all holidays normally observed in China.
6. Teachers will also be entitled to 2 holidays particular to their religion or nation.

7. Free Chinese tutors who teach you Chinese.
8. All teachers will be supplied with a 2 bedroom flat on-campus: electricity, Internet and filtered drinking water are supplied without charge. All flats come with basic cooking facilities, white goods, furniture, bed linen, two air conditioners (one in the main bedroom and one in the front room), a laundry washing machine, refrigerator, and a desktop computer. The campus includes dining facilities for everyone as well as convenience stores and a couple of coffee shops.

9. An opportunity to experience REAL CHINA.

* The cost of living in this area is such that many of our teachers are able to save between a third and half of their salary every month whilst maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

Position Requirements:
1. Citizens of a country in which English is a native language.
2. Between the ages of 18 and 60.
3. Bachelor degree or above.

4. Related teaching experience.

How to Apply:
1. Please send your full CV,
2. The first page of your Passport,
3. Your degree and/or TESOL or TEFL certificate via Email or fax them to us.
4. To mailto:chenggongfao@hotmail.com”>chenggongfao@hotmail.com

Working hour: UTC+8 Beijing Time 8:00-12:00 14:00-17:00

Phone number: +86 (0)371 64561276

( Abby, the secretary of Foreign Affairs Office)

Fax number: +86 (0)371 64561276

Should you still have any questions about this job, or what it is like to live in this part of China, please do get in touch using the same e-mail address noted above. Contact details of current teachers can also be supplied on request.

To apply, email chenggongfao@hotmail.com

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