TIS Kindergarten Teacher in Nagoya

Job Requirements

What are the MINIMUM job requirements and preferred qualifications

  • Language requirements (Japanese or English level)
  • Does the applicant have to be currently living in Japan or do you accept applications from overseas residents that wish to work in Japan?
  • Visa requirements?
  • Education, licenses, certificates, physical requirements, work days/hours

Job Description

Students begin to wiggle with anticipation as the young presenter standing at the front of the class finishes describing their show and tell to the group. You ask the class, “I know you are all excited to take turns looking at the item that Yuta brought today. Before we start, can you remind me what kind of hands we use?” The class responds in chorus, “Gentle hands!” The wooden train is passed from student to student as they take a moment to inspect the toy. As it is returned to the owner, you ask the class, “Does anyone have any questions or comments?” Eager hands immediately shoot up. Asking a student in the front row, they ask, “Where did you get it?” Curious heads nod in agreement. As the presenter answers questions from his classmates, you can see his confidence growing. When questions and answers are finished, you thank Yuta for bringing in something so important to share, thank the students for their questions and comments, and get ready for the next part of the day.

Established in 1985, Tokyo International School Group (TISG) runs Tokyo International School Afterschool (TISAS), Tokyo International School Kindergarten (TISKG), and Tokyo International School Learning Through English (TISLTE) at our Nakameguro, Minami Azabu, Komazawa, and Gakugeidaigaku model school campuses in Tokyo. We also have a model school in Shukugawa (Kobe) and franchise campuses based in Kachidoki (Chuo-ku), Maruyama (Sapporo), and Ohori (Fukuoka).

We are currently looking to hire a teacher who will pilot the TISKG program at a new school in Nagoya.

TISKG is a three-year international kindergarten program that provides an immersion environment for non-native English-speaking children. The first year of this program is an immersion focus where the aim is to build a solid base of communicative ability. In the second year, the students are introduced to the inquiry learning model and this style of learning is further reinforced in the third year.


  • This position will start on April 1st.
  • The workweek is from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.
  • Paid vacation days include:
    • Saturday and Sunday.
    • Public holidays.
    • 10 days of flexible leave (after the first 6 months of employment).
    • One week in summer.
    • Winter holiday based on company calendar and flexible day usage.

It must be mentioned that the Teacher is expected to put in the hours necessary to provide students with a learning experience of the highest possible quality. Approved overtime will be paid.

Teachers will also be asked to be available for up to 5 events that may fall on Saturday or Sunday (sports day, performance days, etc)



We are looking for a confident, dedicated, and passionate teacher.

Candidates must also have:

  • A university degree.
  • Two years experience (ideally working with kindergarten students in Japan, preferably at an immersion school).



The school is located 10-15min walk from Irigaikekoen station on the Tobukyuryou (Linimo) line.



A training period of one week will be provided prior to teaching classes.



The compensation package includes:

  • A monthly wage of 280,000 (annual increases available).
  • Up to 10,000/month transportation.
  • A relocation allowance of up to 100,000

The first three months will be a probation period.

Enrollment in the Social Insurance and Pension is also required.



  • TISGroup is providing recruitment services for the parent company Koulutus.
  • TISGroup will screen resumes to ensure that minimum requirements are met.
  • Candidates who meet the requirements will be contacted to arrange interviews.
  • Candidates will be asked to provide copies of their residence card, passport, qualifications, and reference letters.
  • Following the first round of interviews, candidates will be short-listed for the second round of interviews. This will include a trial lesson.
  • These second-round interviews will be conducted with the Koulutus staff, who will make the final decision.
  • Once a final decision has been made, TISGroup will contact all second-round candidates to inform them of the decision.
  • Finally, the successful candidate will meet with Koulutus to sign employment documentation.

We look forward to receiving your application.

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