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English instructor for the high school classroom


Whimoon High School (Seoul, Republic of Korea)

Whimoon High School is looking for a qualified classroom English instructor. 


 Native English speaker(a citizen of either U.S.A., England, Canada, or Ireland among a native English-speaking country) who holds a bachelor’s degree or higher or equivalent in the relevant country

 Korean resident is a permanent resident in Korea who has been educated in the relevant country since at least 7th grade and has a ten-year stay in the country
(a male Korean resident should not interfere with the execution of the contract due to military service issues)

■ Applicant must possess a teaching degree or certification, which may be fulfilled by one of the   


 A. English Teaching Certification

  ※ English Teaching Certification: 100 Hours or more – TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, etc.

 B. Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Education, English Literature, English Language,  Linguistics, or another related major

 C. Primary or Secondary Education University Certificate

 Priority will be given to candidates who have experience in teaching at the High school level

 Visa Status: E-2, F-2, F-4, F-6 or eligible to obtain above-mentioned visa

 A teacher with a positive, professional attitude and personality. No outstanding health problems or criminal records and can be adaptable to Korean culture and life.


 Less than 18 classes a week as a full time instructor as well as work related to the English classes.

 Conducting English classes in cooperation with Korean English teachers(conversation class for 1st grade and liberal arts for 2nd grade).

 Preparing teaching materials and activities for English language education. 

 Assisting with other activities related to English language education.


 Monday through Friday (5 days a week) eight-hour work


Please submit these documents by email to (kwonchan87@sen.go.kr)

 Resume or CV (photo within 6 month) with Cover Letter (Attached File 1, 2)

 Proof of valid teaching experience and experience relevant to the position.

 Passport copy and a copy of your foreign registration card (front and back)

 Evidence document: proves the application(Unviersity diploma, etc.)

 The consent for collecting and using personal information (see attached file)

 All documents should be submitted as a PDF file, and the final successful candidate will submit additional documents as instructed by the school.

 Please note all documents submitted to the school will not be returned to the applicants.


 The application deadline is 2024 January 8st, 16 o’clock


 2024 March 1st to 2025 February 28st.

Applicant Recruitment Procedure:

(The Schedule below is subject to change with prior notice.)

 A. 1st Round: Documentation Verification: 2024. 1. 09.(Tue)

 B. 2nd Round: Class Demonstration & Interview: 2024. 1. 11.(Thu)

※ Applicants will be contacted individually regarding the outcome and forthcoming schedule of their application.


If you are selected as an interviewee, we will contact you via your mobile phone.

The interview will take 20 minutes, including the 10 minutes of demo teaching that should demonstrate your skills and organization while teaching).

※ Please refer to the Notice for more details.

휘문고등학교 (whimoon.hs.kr)

구인구직포털 : HOME > 채용정보 (sen.go.kr)

To apply, email kwonchan87@sen.go.kr

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