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=Location: Wonju city, Gangwondo

-Website of Wonu city: http://www.wonju.go.kr/english/index.do

-It takes about one hour by KTX from Seoul to Wonju.

-Wonju is a nice city surrounded by beautiful mountains.

=Founded in 1997/Stable and Well-organized

=Teaching levels: Kindergarten kids to Elementary school students

=Working time(Mon to Fri): 9:30 AM to 5:30PM (including lunch break, class preparation and etc.)/Free Lunch is provided

=Number of foreign teachers currently working with this school: 5

=Teaching hours per week: 30 hours

=Paid vacation per year: 10 days

=Paid sick days: 3 days


-Salary and Severance Pay: 2.3-3 mil won (negotiable)

-House, One way air fare, Health Insurance(50%) and Pension (50%) will be provided.

=Date of starting work: End June 2024


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